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Sound routes feat. Roy paci & michel godard

@Locomotiv Club - Bologna

SOUND ROUTES in concert!
Alaa Zaitouna - oud
Guglielmo Pagnozzi - sax, clarinet, keyboards
Michel Godard - bass, tuba
Peace Diouf - guitar
Roy Paci - trumpet, flugelhorn
Tarek AL Faham - drums 
Shalan Alhamwy - violin
BERLIN - October 12, 2018
BOLOGNA - October 28, 2018
SEVILLA - November 3, 2018
GENT - t.b.c. December 2018
SOUND ROUTES is a European band. Its members are based in Berlin, Bologna, Brussels, Gent, Rom and Sevilla. 
The concert is part of the EU-financed project “The sound routes. Notes to get closer”, which aims at bringing together musicians of very different international backgrounds based in Europe. WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN and partner organisations in Belgium, Italy and Spain are cooperating to connect international musicians with local communities.
Co-founded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Concerti Via Sebastiano Serlio, 25/2, 40128 Bologna 21:30

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